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Holiday rawhide bones, canes, wreaths, stockings and other rawhide gift treats for special occasions

Holiday Rawhide Dog Chews
Are you soon prepared for Christmas? Holiday shopping, wrapping presents, writing cards, then decorating the house and cooking Xmas dinner are still on the list... Nothing forgotten?

And how about a Christmas gift or a few for your four-legged friend? This is also arranged? Then your dog is lucky indeed to have such a caring owner! However, we still have something to offer to make your dog's Christmas even more perfect, with a touch of truly canine enjoyment. Of course, it is a tasty dog chew that makes every pooch happy! We stock a wide variety of delicious and festively decorated holiday rawhide chews of all shapes, sizes and sorts this season. Whatever your dog's preferences are, we have something for his taste. Shop now for exclusive holiday rawhide bones, stockings, rawhide wreaths, canes, shoes, twists, sticks, Christmas trees, compressed rawhide and more!

Christmas Stocking stuffed with Assorted Rawhide Chews (5''-6'' Length; 10 Chews) Christmas Assorted Rawhide Dog Chew Stocking

100% natural edible rawhide dog chews in red-white-green festive colors in the amount of 10 are stuffed in the Christmas stocking: two heavyweight wreaths, two knotted bones, two rawhide shoes, three granulated sticks and one rawhide twist. Your dog will go into raptures at this rawhide Christmas gift!
5'' - 6'' Length
10 Chews Assorted Stocking

Regular price: $6.99
Sale Price: $5.59
You Save: 20%

Buy Assorted Rawhide Stocking Christmas Gift for Dogs (5-6 In.; 10-Stocking)
Chicken Tops Turkey Leg Rawhide from Beefeaters Beefeaters Turkey Leg Rawhide Bone Topped with Chicken

When whole family united by love and caring gathers on Christmas Eve, the feeling of togetherness fills the house. A traditional roast turkey is on the Christmas table ready to be served. Let your furry family member have a turkey leg with others as well. Turkey Leg from Beefeaters is a speacial doggy Christmas treat made of thick rawhide bone topped with real chicken meat. A festal red velvet bow ornaments the bone for a holiday surprise.
8'' and 10'' Length
Chicken Topped Rawhide Bone

From: $7.19

Buy Beefeaters Chicken Tops Rawhide Turkey Leg
15'' Braided Rawhide Candy Cane for Large Dogs Large Braided Rawhide Candy Cane Christmas Gift

Large dog breeds waiting for a Christmas present will be delighted to get this really BIG rawhide candy cane with edible ornaments. 15 inch chew, and it is braided! Meaning 3 heavyweight longer rawhide sticks are entwined together to last all holiday season. The treat is made of pure raw hide, so it is high in protein and low in fat.
15'' Length
1 Braided Rawhide Cane

Regular price: $6.79
Sale Price: $5.39
You Save: 21%

Buy Christmas Rawhide Braided Candy Cane Dog Treat (15'' Length)
Holiday Rawhide Stockings (7-13-Pieces) Holiday Rawhide Stocking, Small and Large

All natural holiday rawhide treats in great assortment inside the Christmas stockings. The small stocking contains rawhide candy canes, a bone, a ring, some candies and munchy rawhide chews, 13 pieces in all. The large Christmas stocking is intended for medium to large dogs and filled with 7 assorted rawhides in festive colors: rawhide roll, bone, candy canes and granulated rawhide.
Small or Large Stocking
7 - 13 Rawhide Treats

Sale Price from: $5.59

Buy Small or Large Holiday Rawhide Stocking (7-13 Rawhide Treats)
Holiday Rawhide Candy Canes Medium (5'' Length; 20-Pack) Holiday Rawhide Candy Canes Medium

3-colored funny rawhide candy canes are ideal for small sized dogs and puppies. Also great for visiting your dog-owning friends. There are 20 canes in the pack, so let your dog share funny chewing with others!

5'' Length
20 Canes Pack

Regular price: $5.99
Sale Price: $4.49
You Save: 25%

Buy Holiday Rawhide Candy Canes Medium (5'' Length; 20-Pack)
Loving Pets Rawhide Lollipop Holiday Treats (6'' Length) Loving Pets Rawhide Lollipops Dog Chews

Your dog's holiday pastime will be funnier with these multi-colored munchy lollipops made of extruded rawhide. The treat is highly digestible and excellent to satisfy more sensitive dogs bellies. Tasty snack, healthy chew and entertaining toy all in one!

6'' Length
30 Lollipops Pack

Price: $13.99

Buy Holiday Rawhide Lollipops by Loving Pets (6'' Length)
Holiday Rawhide Shoes (3'' Length; 50-Pack) Holiday Rawhide Shoes

Dogs love to chew and seem to have shoes among their favourite chew items. These quality safe rawhide shoes with laces for added interest will make your dog's Christmas and ensure that you find your new leather boots where you last left them... Besides plenty of fun and dental benefits, the rawhide chew is great for stimulating dog's brain activity.

3'' Length
50 Rawhide Shoes Pack

Sale Price: $12.89

Purchase Holiday Rawhide Shoes (3'' Length; 50-Pack)
Pet Ag Braided Rawhide Wreath, Vanilla Flavor (6'' Diameter) Pet Ag Braided Rawhide Wreath

Chewing on the highest quality long-lasting rawhide improves your dog's dental health and diminishes bad breath. The wreath is produced with added glucosamine to support the structure and function of dog's joints. Just wonderful holiday rawhide present.

Review posted by RetrieverLover, GA:
"I have a golden retriever that will chew through almost anything you give him in a matter of minutes, but set him up with a Petag rawhide and he will be at it for days!.."
6" Diameter
Vanilla Flavor

Sale Price: $4.99

Buy Rawhide Wreath from Pet Ag, Braided (6'' Diameter)

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