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Safe and Healthy Beef and Pork Hide Chews Made Specially for Puppies

Chewing is normal and natural puppy behavior. Puppies love to chew and there are several reasons for that. Firstly, when your puppy is about 4 months old, his permanent teeth will begin to come in. At this period puppy needs to chew on something hard to alleviate teething pain and discomfort in his gums (this is called counter pressure) and also to develop strong jaws. Other reasons for puppies and dogs chewing can be looking for your attention, way to releive stress or boredom and occupy the time. Puppies are already born with very strong taste and smell capabilities, and as a result, a lot of what they learn is through chewing on things. Do not punish puppy for chewing. Direct him to appropriate objects, praise and reward puppy when he Puppies and Rawhide Treats
chews on them instead of your wallet, shoes or furniture. Here you can choose and buy safe and healthy rawhide treats made in USA or overseas specially for puppies that are great chewing items. However, you must always supervise your pup to make sure he is not chewing off and trying to swallow large pieces of rawhide that he may choke with. Besides, do not give puppies large amounts of rawhides as their digestive systems can't handle excess of protein well.

Nylabone Puppy Braided Rawhide Chews (2.5'' Length; 30 Treats) Braided Rawhide Treats for Puppies made in USA

2.5 inch braid, perfect size of a chew for puppy, is actually composed of total 10 inch raw hide in 3 enticing savors: white, natural and chicken flavored rawhide strips are braided together. Additionally, these Nylabone chews are supplemented with calcium that is important for puppies growing skeleton and teeth. Puppies love these delightful safe treats and crave to chew and chew more! Gnawing these rawhide braids also helps pups develop strong jaws and lessen teething pain.
2.5'' Length
30 Braided Chews

Price: $14.59

Buy American Made Braided Rawhide Treats for Puppies (2.5'' Long; 30 Braids)
Nylabone Puppy Rawhide Chew Sticks (4'' Length; 16-Pack) American Made Puppy Rawhide Sticks, Nylabone Products

Nylabone Products, the world's largest manufacturer of premium dog chews, presents Good Puppy rawhide sticks. This wholesome treat is composed of ground raw hide reinforced with so called Whole Life Complex, a combination of vitamins, minerals, calcium and prebiotics that are vital for puppy's growth. Remember that nutrient requirements of a puppy are two to four times higher compared to an adult dog. Thus these rawhides provide triple benefits for your young canine: enhance his diet with essential nutrients, massage gums and develop appropriate chewing habits.
16 Rawhide Sticks Pouch
4" Length

Price: $7.90

Buy Rawhide Sticks for Puppies Made by Nylabone, USA (4'' Length; 16-Pack)
Toro Puppy Natural Rawhide Rolls Bacon, Nylabone (5'' Length; 12-Pack) Nylabone Toro Puppy Natural Rawhide Rolls Bacon

Delicious natural rawhide chews with tender and juicy middle fortified with calcium for strong bones and teeth. Made specially for puppy's teeth. No preservatives and no added salt or sugar.

Review posted by Deb Levasseur from Scituate, RI:
"My 6 months old sheltie is crazy about these Toro puppy rolls and will chew on 1 roll for hours..."
12 Rolls Pack
5" Length

Price: $10.99

Buy Toro Puppy Natural Rawhide Rolls Bacon from Nylabone (5'' Length; 12-Pack)
Dingo Mini (2.5'' Length; 7-Pack) Dingo Bones Mini

Mouthwatering combination of real chicken breast jerky wrapped in the highest quality rawhide. Made specially for puppies and small dogs.

Review posted by Beth from Dayton, OH:
"We gave these rawhide bones to our collie when she was just a puppy and she LOVED them! They were great for her when she was going through her "chewing" phase..."
2.5'' Length
7 Bones Pack

Sale Price: $2.99

Buy Dingo Mini (2.5'' Length; 7-Pack)
Beefeaters Rawhide Twists (5'' Length; 75-Pack) Beefeaters Rawhide Twists

Premium quality rawhide twists from Beefeaters are excellent choice for puppies and small dogs. Whatever taste your puppy prefer, these twists can definitely meet his demands: choose among White, Beef, Chicken, Mint, Peanut Butter, Hickory Smoked, Lamb and Cheddar/Bacon flavors. Come in economy packs of 75 twists.
Available in 8 flavors
5'' Length
75 Twists Pack

Price: $14.99

Buy Beefeaters Rawhide Twists (5'' Length; 75-Pack)
Dingo Compressed Rawhide Munchie Bones (3'' Length; 3-Pack) Dingo Compressed Rawhide Munchie Bones

Delicious, safe, easy digestible compressed rawhide bones for puppies made of ground natural chicken breast and rawhide. Ideal as a first chew bone for puppies. Great chicken taste will keep your pup interested in chewing these bones instead of your shoes or furniture. The package contains 3 light-chew bones, 3 inches long.
3 Mini Bones Pack
3" Length

Regular price: $1.99
Sale Price: $1.27
You Save: 36%

Buy Dingo Compressed Rawhide Munchy Bones (3'' Length; 3-Pack)
Dingo Dental Munchy Stix (5'' Length; 48-Pack) Dingo Dental Munchy Sticks

Dental sticks made from granulated rawhide with real chicken bits plus the power of baking soda are great for puppies and non-aggressive chewers.

Review posted by Gladys from Atlanta, GA:
"My Puppy loves these ones and they keep him with a nice breath!!"
48 Sticks Pack
5" Length

Price: $6.29

Buy Dingo Dental Munchy Stix (5'' Length; 48-Pack)
Bone Buddies Healthy-Hide Rawhide Bones for Puppies (2.5'' Length; 7-Pack) Bone Buddies Healthy-Hide Rawhide Bones for Puppies

Unique combination of 100% beefhide fortified with vitamin E and Omega fatty acids and basting process are formulated specifically to promote healthy skin and coat while at the same time satisfying your puppy's urge to chew.
2.5'' Length
7 Bones Pack

Regular price: $5.99
Sale Price: $4.77
You Save: 20%

Buy Bone Buddies Healthy-Hide Rawhide Puppy Chew Bones (2.5 Long; 7-Pack)

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