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American Rawhide Dog Treats

American Dog Rawhide
They still exist, Rawhide Bones truly made in America! Your dog will taste the difference in every American Dog rawhide chew. 100% made in the USA (Mundelein, Illinois) from premium fresh beefhide of corn-fed American cattle, each chew is hand rolled and shaped, and slowly oven dried to savory perfection. All American Dog rawhide treats are natural and do not contain preservatives.

Pet owners looking for genuine American made rawhide dog chews should be aware that manufacturers of pet treats are not obliged to disclose the source of their raw materials. They can proudly proclaim "Made in the USA", if product is partially processed, packaged and distributed in the United States of America. So it is allowed to advertise the product as made in U.S.A. even if it is manufactured with 100% imported raw materials! And, regrettably, some manufacturers use this loophole to mislead consumers.

That is why we want to emphasize that buying American Dog Rawhide Chews from our website you are guaranteed to supply your pet with high quality, thick, heavy and safe domestic-sourced rawhides that are made right here, in the US. No tricks, no rawhide scraps, no imported materials. Those few remaining nowadays authentic American dog chews are for sale at DogChewsRawhide!

American Beefhide Dog Bones American Rawhide Dog Bones

Rawhide bones made from the finest domestic American beefhides. Hide used for this product is really thick and wrapped tight, so the dog bones are heavy and long-lasting. They will expressly decrease the number of chewing casualties at many pet homes!
1-2 Rawhide Bones in a Pack
4", 5" or 8" Length

Price from: $2.49

Buy Rawhide Dog Bones Made in USA (5'' and 8'' Length)
American Dog Beefhide Rolls American Dog Rawhide Rolls

Tightly rolled to make a heavy, long-lasting treat that whisks away tartar from your dog's teeth as he chews. All natural, no preservatives. These rolls don't splinter or come apart, as they are made from a single layer of thick quality raw hide.
1-2 Rawhide Rolls
8" and 10" Length

From: $3.59

Buy American Made Rawhide Rolls
American Raw Hide Chips, Natural (2 lbs; 3'' X 3'') Rawhide Chips Made in the USA

Each chip is shaped from USA fresh rawhide and slowly dried at controlled temperature to ensure the strict standards for softness and consistency of American Dog rawhide chews are met. Made of pure natural rawhide, doesn't contain artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.
2 lbs. Pack
3" X 3"

Regular price: $15.99
Sale Price: $14.39
You Save: 10%

Buy Natural American Rawhide Chips (2 lbs. Pack; 3'' X 3'')
American Made Rawhide Dog Bone, Extra Heavy American Dog Heavyweight Rawhide Bone

Your dog will crave to sink his teeth into the abundance of rawhide in these heavyweight bones for authentic chewing experience. 100% made in the USA from the finest American cattle hides. Beefhides from native corn fed steers are packed with the natural rawhide flavor.
Available in 3 Sizes:
6 in. to 7 in., 8 in. to 9 in., 10 in. to 11 in.

Price from: $4.49

Buy Heavyweight American Dog Rawhide Chew Bone
Rawhide Donut for Dogs American Rawhide Donut

Rawhide treat to combine salubrious chewing for thorough dental hygiene, high source of protein intake and plenty of fun in the donut shape that dogs go nuts for! Plus genuinely made in USA like all American Dog rawhide chews. Comes in 2 sizes to suit small to medium dogs.
1 Rawhide Donut
3" or 6" Diameter

Price from: $2.49

Buy Rawhide Donut Made in USA
Rawhide Chew in the Shape of Pretzel (6'' Diameter) American Rawhide Dog Chew Pretzel

Another zestful shape for funny chomping - extra thick roll of rawhide is formed into pretzel. 6 inches in diameter of the complete chew and 1.25 inch wide roll that it is made of throughout the pretzel, that is tons of quality rawhide for your pet!
1 Pretzel Chew
6" Diameter

Price: $4.99

Buy Pretzel Dog Chew, American Made Rawhide (6'' Diameter)
Rawhide Braid Rawhide Braid for Dogs, Made in USA

Your dog is a vigorous chewer? Here is an excellent treat to keep him satisfied and your furniture and shoes safe. Premium quality American rawhides with collagen fibers preserved during processing are braided to produce a chewy, healthy, and natural treat that promotes dental health for your dog.
1 Rawhide Braid
7'' and 12'' Length

Price from: $2.89

Buy Rawhide Braid Dog Chew
Rawhide Knots for Dogs (5'' Length; 4-Pack) USA Rawhide Knot Dog Chews

Wide sheet of rawhide is folded lengthwise in half and then knotted just in the middle. The outcome is an immense chew for your furry buddy. Not only it is great for working off tooth plaque and calculus as dog tugs on rawhide (especially trying to untie the knot), but also for stimulating dog's mind through constant attention to the object.
4 Knots Pack
5'' Length

Price: $4.99

Buy Rawhide Knot Dog Chews Made in USA (5'' Length; 4-Pack)

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