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Buy rawhide bones & chews for your dogs in bulk

Do you often run out of rawhide stock for your active chewer? Or perhaps you have more than one dog? Consider buying rawhide chews in bulk! With bulk packages offered below you will save a lot of money compared to purchase of rawhide treats for your dog at retail. Variety of types, shapes and sizes will meet demands of most finical dog. Choose among rawhide bones, twists, sticks, chips and of course different kinds of compressed rawhide.

Beefeaters White Rawhide Bones Bulk Box (50-100 Bones) Beefeaters White Rawhide Bones Bulk Box

Premium quality rawhide bones available in 3 sizes to suit any dog, from small to giant breed.

Review posted by Liz from New York:
"These rawhide bones are the best buy I have ever found. The quality of the rawhides is the best and the quanitiy is fabulous. The price cannot be beaten..."
Available in 3 sizes
50 -100 Bones per Box

Size Q-ty Price
4"-5" 100 $69.99
6"-7" 100 $152.95
8"-9" 50 $152.95

Buy Beefeaters White Rawhide Bones Bulk Box (50-100 Bones)
Bulk USA Rawhide Bones (70 Bones Case) USA Beehide Bulk Rawhide Bones

Stunning deal! Rawhide bones made from top quality American beefhides ensuring only the finest quality, flavor and consistency come in bulk case of 70. These bones are large and measure 8"-9". Produced from 100% USA beef hide without use of bleach and formaldehyde.

8-9'' Length
70 Bones Box

Price: $200.00

Buy Bulk USA Rawhide Bones (70 Bones Case)
Small Natural Wholesale Rawhide Bones from Loving Pets (2-3'' Length; 100-Pack) Loving Pets Mini Rawhide Bones Wholesale Pack

Only 100% natural rawhide, well rolled to make a heavyweight bone, and mandatory "Tested in the USA" seal that comes on all Loving Pets products and confirms they are tested at an independent U.S. certified lab. That is the recipe to these chews great popularity!

Review posted by Melissa from IN:
"The rawhide chews are substantial enough to keep my Goldens occupied and happy for a while, but not so big that they get sick from overload. This size is hard to find in my local stores..."
2-3'' Length
100 Bones Bulk Pack

Price: $25.99

Buy Loving Pets Wholesale Rawhide Mini Bones (2-3'' Length; 100 Rawhides Wholesale Pack)
Select Grille Rawhide Dog Bones in Bulk (9-20 Packs) Select Grille Dog Rawhide Bones in Bulk

An astounding deal you don't want to miss - kennel pack of natural rawhide bones that we dare say is one of the cheapest offers available online. Select Grille is an old trustworthy brand for variety of rawhide dog chews. These bones are of great quality, long lasting, non-staining and without chemical preservatives. Buy in bulk for months of healthy chewing pleasure for your dog and saving money and time for yourself.
Available in 3 sizes
16 - 51 Bones Kennel Pack

Size Q-ty
4"-5" 20
6"-7" 12
8"-10" 9

Price from: $15.99

Buy Dog Rawhide Bones Select Grille in Bulk (9-20 Packs)
Dingo Beefy Rawhide Bones Bulk (2.5'' Length; 21 Bones Value Bag) Dingo Rawhide Bones, Value Bag

All natural hand-tied mini rawhide bones for small dogs and puppies are abundantly basted in beef flavor and slowly smoked for taste perfection. What's more, inside every bone there is an appetizing real beef jerky! What dog can resist such yummy combination? These chews feature rich smoked beef flavor and long durability to keep small but powerful chewers happy for hours.

Review posted by John from NC:
"My morning routine includes my two best friends coming back inside the house after the walk for their favorite morning Dingo..."
2.5'' Length
Beef Jerky inside
21 Rawhide Bones

Regular price: $19.99
Sale Price: $10.57
You Save: 47%

Buy Value Bag of Rawhide Beef Flavor Mini Bones Dingo (2.5'' Length; 21-Pack)
Natural Rawhide Rolls from Select Grille in Bulk (10'' Length; 25-Pack) Select Grille Natural Rawhide Rolls in Bulk

Economical bag of natural heavyweight rawhide rolls for large dogs. With this bulk pack an awesome long-lasting multilayered rawhide chew is always on hand for your chewer. The rolls do not contain any preservatives and are non-staining.

Review posted by Lovelargebreeds from CA:
"These retrievers are an immense value! I have a great dane and a doberman who love them. If you look at other places they cost around $6-7 per roll. I buy these every month..."
10'' Length
25 Rawhide Rolls
5.75 lbs. Kennel Pack

Sale Price: $34.99

Buy Select Grille Bulk Rawhide Rolls (10'' Length; 25-Pack)
Rawhide Chips Bulk, Beefeaters (5 lbs.) Beefeaters Rawhide Chips Bulk

These sizeable and thick rawhide treats in rectangular shape are designed in the first place for large breed dogs. They are right size chews to sink teeth into for canines with big mouths. Also keep in mind that the chips are reusable - chunks that are left and are big enough to chew on, re-harden after drying to get an excellent rawhide treat again.

Review posted by R. from CA:
"Awesome product. My labs love them. They are big enough for big dogs, don't stain or make a mess on my carpet..."
5'' X 8''
5 lbs. Bulk Pack

Price: $38.95

Buy Beefeaters Rawhide Chips in Bulk (5 lbs.)
Ranch Rewards Rawhide Pressed Bones, Wholesale Pack (50-200 Value Packs) Wholesale Pressed Rawhide Bones from Ranch Rewards Free shipping!

Made from only natural Brazilian cowhide, these compact pressed rawhide bones are ideal for aggressive chewers, as they are harder and last longer than ordinary rawhide bones. The wholesale box stands for really impressive savings of approx. 50% from the most attractive retail price!

Review posted by Satyshur from PA:
"...Our dogs can chew one in over an hour where regular raw hides take ten minutes."
Available in 3 sizes
50-200 Pressed Bones Boxes

Size Q-ty Price
4" 200 $98.99
6" 90 $107.44
8" 50 $106.33

Buy Natural Compressed Rawhide Bones Wholesale, Ranch Rewards (4'' - 8'' Length; 50-200 Pressed Bones)
Beefeaters Chick'n Top Compressed Bone, Bulk (4'' Length; 30-Pack) Beefeaters Chick'n Top Compressed Bone, Bulk Jar

Super durable bones made from natural beef rawhide strips and 100% chicken breasts. Perfect for aggressive chewers.

Review posted by Judi from NV:
"...If you smell the bone, no matter how much dogs have eaten it up, you can still smell some chicken and so do they."
30 Bones Jar
4'' Length

Price: $22.99

Buy Beefeaters Chicken Top Compressed Bones in Bulk (4'' Length; 30 Bones Jar)
Dentley's Compressed Rawhide Rolls (5'' Length; 20-Pack) Dentley's Compressed Rawhide Rolls

Dentley's compressed rawhide is an excellent choice for agressive chewers. Your dog will enjoy plenty of all-natural premium quality durable compressed rawhide chews from the resealable bag for remarkably long time.
20 Rolls Pack
5'' Length

Sale Price: $15.99

Buy Dentley's Compressed Rawhide Rolls, Natural (5'' Length; 20 Rolls Pack)
Dentley's Compressed Rawhide Variety Pack (2 lbs. Pack) Dentley's Compressed Rawhide Variety Pack

Variety is the key to this product's enormous popularity. 2 lbs. pack is full of compressed dog chews produced from multiple layers of 100% natural cowhide pressed together: bones, rolls and steak shaped rawhides.

Review posted by AgilityGal from PA:
"My border collie spends many hours waiting for her runs at agility trials. The compressed rawhide in the variety pack gives her something to do. Love these!.."
Variety Pack
2 lbs. Pack

Sale Price: $15.99

Buy Dentley's Compressed Rawhide Variety Pack (2 lbs. Pack)
C.E.T. Rawhide Dog Chews with Enzyme System (30 pcs.) CET Rawhide Chews with Enzymes

Trusted C.E.T. brand offers premium rawhide chews with patented dual-enzyme system that enhances the salivary peroxidase mechanism, canine natural oral defensive process. Chewing these exclusive rawhide treats provide natural efficient tooth brushing with dogs. The enzymes saturating the chews produce hypothiocyanite ions while working on their substrates. These ions suppress plaque-forming bacteria and their harmful by-products, at the same time rawhide acts as natural abrasive cleanser.
Available in 3 sizes:
for Small, Medium and
Large Dogs
30 Rawhide Chews Pack

Price from: $12.50

Buy CET Enzymatic Rawhide Chews for Dogs (30 Chews)
Rawhide Twists Bulk (5'' Length; 100-Pack) Rawhide Twists in Bulk

Buy highest quality natural rawhide twists in bulk and pay under 9 cents per twist! As an enjoyable lasting treat for a light chewer, a calming agent for active dogs if you need some silent time, a chew to help with anxiety or a reward for good behavor - these rawhide twists will come handy in many occasions.

Review posted by HelenRae from NM:
"These chewies are perfect for my dogs as treats or to keep them still for a while. I highly recommend these for dental exercise and boredom relief..."
100 Rawhide Twists
5'' Length

Sale Price: $10.66

Buy Bulk Rawhide Twists (100-Bag)
Beefeaters Ground Rawhide Sticks (5'' Length; 100-Pack) Beefeaters Rawhide Sticks

Great economical package of ground rawhide pressed into totally edible sticks. The crunchy chewing texture of these rawhide treats is ideal for puppies and senior dogs teeth. Remember that dogs of all ages love to chew!

5'' Length
100 Sticks Pack
Liver and Sweet Potato Flavors

From: $16.99

Buy Beefeaters Rawhide Sticks in Bulk (5'' Length; 100-Pack)
RedBarn Filled Flavored Rawhide Rolls Bulk Case (24-Case) RedBarn Filled Flavored Rawhide Rolls Bulk Case

A rawhide sheet is rolled and filled with meaty Beef, Lamb or Peanut Butter mixture. Working on rawhide and trying to get delicious filling, your dog will have an effcient dental cleaning session because rawhide acts as a flossing agent, cleaning teeth and massaging gums. At the same time this will keep your pet busy for really long time, and filling will motivate for more chewing.

6'' Length
Available in 3 Flavors
24 Rolls, 6 lbs. Case

Price: $54.99

Buy RedBarn Filled Rolled Rawhide Flavored Dog Treats Bulk Case (24-Case)
Dingo Goof Balls (Small; 15-Pack) Dingo Goof Balls in Bulk

Tremendous value of Dingo Goof balls! Unsurpassed rawhide toy and unbeatable price! Give your dog more fun and pay less buying this value bag!

Review posted by Elaine from Granger:
"Our puppy dog is obsessed with these balls! Plus they are made in the USA!! Which makes them Safe too! If she had her way she would eat them all the time!.."
Small, 1.5'' diameter
15 Rawhide Balls Sack

Sale Price: $6.42

Buy Dingo Goof Balls Bulk Bag (Small; 15-Pack)

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