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Beefeaters Rawhide Chews

Beefeaters rawhide dog chews are made from US corn-fed cows, thereby providing the highest quality rawhide. Each product is handmade, ensuring consistency in shape and size. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Beefeaters offer wide range of rawhide dog chews: rawhide bones, twists, sticks, chips, rolls, bars, dental sticks, compressed rawhide bones.

Beefeaters Rawhide Retriever Rolls (8-9'' Length; 25-Retrievers) Beefeaters Rawhide Rolls, Natural

Buying these heavyweight rawhide retrievers for large and giant dogs gives you no worry that your pet may soon run out of the treats: a single sheet of rawhide is rolled up tightly in many layers for longevity, and additionally there are as many as 25 rolls in the resealable bag!
25 Rolls Pack
8-9'' Length

Price: $45.00

Buy Beefeaters Natural Rawhide Rolls (8-9"; 25-Rolls)
Beefeaters Turkey Leg Rawhide Bone with Real Chicken on Top Chicken Topped Rawhide Bone in Turkey Leg Shape from Beefeaters

First class quality thick white rawhide bone is shaped in a turkey leg and wrapped around with real dried chicken meat. Scrumptious taste of the flavorful chicken jerky in combination with long lasting rawhide keep dogs occupied with enjoyable chewing for hours and hours.

Available in 3 sizes
Chicken Jerky on Top

From: $5.79

Buy Beefeater Chicken Top Rawhide Turkey Leg
Beefeaters Rawhide Chunky Chips (5 lbs.) Beefeaters Rawhide Chips

Extra thick, chewy rawhide chips. Oven baked to ensure freshness and to keep the flavor in. These rawhide chips are right choice for the dogs that devour ordinary chews flat-out. Another economic benefit in this offer is that the bulk 5 lbs. box is a great way to buy rawhide chews for your dog cheap.
5 lbs. Box

Price: $38.95

Buy Beefeaters Rawhide Chips (5 lbs.)
Beefeaters White Rawhide Bones Bulk Box (7.25-8.75 lbs.) Beefeaters White Rawhide Bones Bulk Box

First quality premium rawhide bones. 100% natural rawhide with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Not only do they look great, but they smell delicious, too!
Available in 3 sizes
7.25-8.75 lbs. Boxes

From: $46.99

Buy Beefeaters White Rawhide Bones Bulk Box (7.25-8.75 lbs.)
Beefeaters Piggy Rope Porhkide Dog Chew Bone Beefeaters Piggy Rope Bone

Rope bone? Yes, that can be truly combined and is what makes porkhide bones from Beefeaters special and adored by all dogs we know. At first pork hide is cut into rather narrow and long strips which are afterwards twisted. The arising ropes of the hide are woven many times by hand to yield a long lasting chew bone with amazing flossing capacity. Naturally, the texture of the pig skin plus many twisted ropes in the bone provide twofold dental treatment as dog chews.
5'', 7'' and 9'' Length
Twisted Rope Bone

From: $2.69

Buy Beefeaters Piggy Rope
Beefeaters Healthy Rawhide Sticks (5'' Length; 50 Sticks) Beefeaters Healthy Rawhide Sticks

These pressed rawhide sticks come in 4 varieties and meet your dog's specific health needs. Vita Stix with vitamins A, B, C, D and E to maintain energy; Joint Care Rawhide Sticks with glucosamine and vitamin A for joint flexibility and stronger bones; Anti-Stress Stix with chamomile, green tea, and vitamins A, E and C to help your dog resist physical stress; Skin & Coat Sticks with Omega-3 and vitamin E for healthy skin and coat.
4 Varieties
50 Sticks Pack
5" Length

Price from: $9.84

Buy Beefeaters Healthy Rawhide Sticks (5'' Length; 50 Sticks)
Beefeaters Chicken Tops Rawhide Bones Beefeaters Chicken Tops Rawhide Bones, Knotted

Different dogs may prefer different flavors for their favorite treats, but there is hardly any hound that can resist the savor of chicken. Combination of rawhide for durabilty and dog's dental hygiene and chicken meat for great taste has become a kind of classics in the market of rawhide dog chews. Chicken Tops Rawhide Knotted Bones from Beefeaters are produced in various sizes from 2.5 inch for small dogs like dachshund and poodle to 9 ihcn for rottweilers, shepherds and the like.
Available in 4 sizes
1-18 Knotted Bones

From: $5.49

Buy Beefeaters Chicken Tops Rawhide Knotted Bones
Beefeaters Chicken Tops Raw Hide Rolls Beefeaters Chicken Tops Rawhide Rolls

Chicken Tops line of rawhide dog treats made by Beefeaters is always immensely popular and best selling at the market of dog treats. Due to high demand, many stores currently experience shortage of these rawhide chews in their stock, others raise prices exorbitantly. Beefeaters Chicken Tops Rolls we offer are ready to ship and the price is unbeatable!
Size: 5"
10 Rolls Pack

From: $11.49

Buy Beefeaters Chicken Top Rawhide Roll
Beefeaters Chicken Top Compressed Bone (3'', 4'', 6'', 8'', 10'', 12'' Length; 1-18-Packs) Beefeaters Chicken Top Compressed Bone

Made from all natural rawhide strips, these bones are super durable. 100% chicken breast gives your dog a tasty natural treat, while the rawhide offers a long, satisfying chew. Tasty and fun all in one! Chewing on these bones help dogs remove tartar and massages gums. Perfect for aggressive chewers.
Available in 6 sizes
3" - 12" Length
1-18 Compressed Bones

Sale from: $1.99

Buy Beefeaters Chicken Top Compressed Bone (6 Sizes; 1-18-Packs)
Beefeaters Rawhide Twists (5'' Length; 75-Pack) Beefeaters Rawhide Twists

Beefeaters rawhide twists are great for puppies and small dogs. Available in full range of flavors for any dog's taste: Natural, Beef, Chicken, Mint, Hickory Smoked, Bacon, Peanut Butter and Lamb. Economy pack of 75 twists will keep your dog occupied for really long time.
Available in 8 flavors
5'' Length
75 Twists Pack

Price: $14.99

Buy Beefeaters Rawhide Twists (5'' Length; 75-Pack)
Compressed Rawhide Bones Beefeaters, Assorted (6'' Length; 10-Pack) Beefeaters Compressed Rawhide Bones

These compressed rawhides made from only natural rawhide strips are very durable and great for aggressive chewers. Natural, beef, chicken and peanut butter flavor throughout the bone keeps dogs interest in more chewing, while satisfying their inborn need to gnaw.
10 Assorted Pack
3 Natural, 3 Beef, 2 Chicken
and 2 Peanut Butter Flavor Bones
6" Length

Price: $16.99

Buy Beefeaters Compressed Bones (6'' Length; 10 Bones Assorted Pack)
Beefeaters Cuisine Munchy Sticks (5'' Length; 50-Pack) Beefeaters Cuisine Compressed Rawhide Munchie Sticks

100% natural rawhide is extruded under high pressure, that makes these munchie sticks hard yet easily digestible. Product contains no preservatives or artificial colors. Comes in four immense flavors: Beef, Chicken, Lamb and Rice, and Peanut Butter.
Available in 4 flavors
50 Munchy Sticks Pack
5" Length

Sale Price from: $6.67

Buy Beefeaters Pressed Rawhide Munchy Stix (5'' Length; 50-Pack)
Beefeaters Tartar Control Dental Stix (5'' Length; 50 Sticks) Beefeaters Tartar Control Rawhide Dental Sticks

Excellent treats to complement your dog's regular dental routine.The hard texture of the rawhide sticks reduces plaque and tartar build-up, fluoride prevents cavities, while mint and parsley seed minimize odors in the digestive system, which eliminates bad breath.
50 Sticks Pack
5" Length

Price: $4.65

Buy Beefeaters Tartar Control Dental Stix (5'' Length; 50 Sticks)
Beefeaters Pork Hide Twists (5'' Length; 75-Pack) Beefeaters Pork Hide Twists

100% natural porkhide is twisted and slow roasted and basted in its own natural pork juice. When dog is chewing these long-lasting high protein twists, they work as a flossing agent, cleaning teeth and massaging gums. Easily digested.
5'' Length
75 Twists Pack

Price: $19.99

Buy Beefeaters Porkhide Piggy Twists (5'' Length; 75-Pack)

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