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How to care for and store rawhide chews?

Dog rawhide chews have an unlimited shelf life as long as they are not subjected to moisture.

Keep rawhide dog treats in a dry place or away from immediate moisture contact and they will be nice and tasty whenever you give them to your pet.

After your dog has enjoyed a rawhide chew for a while, you can remove it and let it stand to become dry again, so that it is firm for the next time your pet is ready to work on his rawhide toy.

When rawhide treat has been chewed down to a small portion, you may want to remove the remains if your dog tends to try to swallow or eat pieces that are just a little too big for the pet.

Rawhide that requires more than 7 days to chew should be replaced, due to dirt and bacteria buildup.

Rawhide bones have a low moisture content and therefore should not attract bugs while in storage. Basted rawhide chews however, can and many times do, attract bugs as the flavoring is a food product. This kind of rawhide treats should be stored in an air tight bag or jar in order to prevent attracting bugs.

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