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How often should I feed my dog rawhide bones?

Rawhide is not a food, but a safe chewable toy providing some important benefits. It is 80-85% protein, 10-12% fiber and moisture, and 1-2% fat. High in protein, low in fat, especially compared to pig ears and other pork skin products, and fewer calories per ounce than a typical dog biscuit. One or two hours of daily chewing is sufficient for dog. You should always make water available during and after the chewing activity.

If your dog enjoys chewing rawhide treats often, make sure he always has at least two or three rawhides to keep him busy. Providing variety makes the chewing more interesting. If your dog does not chew often, one or two rawhides may suffice. Infrequent chewers often leave a partially chewed rawhide and then lose interest. If this is the case with your dog, keep a fresh supply of new rawhides available to give every now and then. Infrequent chewers tend to enjoy softer rawhides.

Puppies tend to get themselves into a lot of trouble because they love to chew, chew, chew! Puppies need to chew to cut their new teeth and develop strong jaws. Do not punish a puppy for chewing. Instead, remove the inappropriate chew items and provide him with plenty of appropriate chew objects and change them regularly. Reward the puppy with verbal praise when he chews on his dog chews instead of household things. Puppies need soft rawhide chews to hold their interest. However, you should always supervise a puppy when chewing to make sure he is not chewing off large pieces that could get caught in his throat. Also, do not give a puppy large amounts of rawhide, as their digestive systems cannot handle protein excesses well.
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