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Rawhide Chews by Type: Rawhide Bones, Compressed and Pressed Rawhide, Sticks, Twists, Rolls, Chips, Interactive Rawhide Toys

Make sure to choose rawhide chew that suits your dog in size and meets his chewing inclination. Try different types and flavors to find most favorite ones. Remember to replace your dog's rawhide treat with another rawhide shape and/or type when he gets bored with old chew. Knotted rawhide bones and compressed rawhide that tend to last longer and soften slower are recommended for aggressive chewers. Different types of rawhide bones and rolls  
are also great for moderately active chewers. Light chewers often prefer rawhide chips, sticks and twists in addition to small rawhide bones. And of course don't overlook interactive rawhide toys that dogs enjoy to play with so much!

Rawhide Bones
Made in USA Rawhide Dog Bone Rawhide Bone Made in USA

These premium quality heavy 100% natural rawhide bones are made in USA from fresh American beefhide under Wholesome Hide brand. No harmful chemicals are used at the plant in Chicago during processing of rawhide. Each bone is hand-crafted to ensure consistency in shape and size.
Available in 5 sizes
Natural Flavor

From: $2.59

Buy Natural Dog Rawhide Bones Made in America
Dingo Knotted Rawhide Bone (White) Dingo Knotted Rawhide Bone White

Premium hand-tied rawhide bones with irresistible combination of real chicken breast jerky wrapped in the highest quality rawhide.

Review posted by David Roland from Shanee, KS:
"My Lab mix loves these. He'll usually wind up eating half of the raw hide in order to get at all the meat. They really work out his teeth..."
Available in 3 sizes
Flavor: White

From: $1.99

Buy Dingo Knotted White Bone
Dingo Beef Basted Rawhide Bones with Beef Jerky Dingo Beefy Rawhide Bones

Real beef jerky is roasted in natural beef juices and wrapped in premium quality beef basted rawhide. The outcome is bones that are truly called "Beefy"!

Review posted by Georgia from NY:
"These bones save me because when I get home form work I have to get stuff done around the house and this gives me the doggiefree time..."
Available in 3 sizes
Beef Jerky inside

From: $2.09

Buy Dingo Beef Basted Rawhide Bones
Rawhide Bones with Real Chicken on Top from Beefeaters Beefeaters Chicken Topped Rawhide Bones

First class quality thick rawhide bone is wrapped around with natural chicken meat. Scrumptious taste of the flavorful chicken jerky in combination with long lasting rawhide keep dogs occupied with enjoyable chewing for hours and hours.
Available in 4 sizes
1-18 Bones Packs

Price from: $4.49

Buy Beefeaters Chick'n Tops Rawhide Bones
Natural Rawhide Bones for Small Dogs (2.5'' Length; 10-Pack) American Rawhide Mini Bones

These natural bones for small dogs are made from 100% American animals and hides. They do not contain bleaches or additives to remove the flavor and nutrients. Besides they are really immensely cheap for a product made in USA - only 30 cents per bone! Pamper your dog with this delicious rawhide treat; even if he is small in size, he loves to chew like all dogs do!
2.5'' Length
10 Bones Pack

Sale Price: $2.41

Buy American Rawhide Mini Bones (2.5'' Length; 10-Bag)
Twisted and Knotted Pork Hide Dog Chew Bones Beefeaters Porkhide Dog Bones

Strings of natural pork hide are twisted together and knotted into bones that digest more easily than regular beef rawhide bones yet possess durability of rawhide. The treats are basted in own flavorful pork juices. Chewing these porkhides toughens the gums and reduces plaque and tartar buildup.
5'', 7'' and 9'' Length
Twisted and Knotted Bone

From: $2.49 (6+)

Buy Beefeaters Porkhide Bones

More Rawhide Bones

Compressed Rawhide Bones and Chews
Chick'n Top Compressed Bone (3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12'' Length; 1-18-Packs) Chick'n Top Compressed Bone

One of the most popular compressed rawhides! Extremely long lasting, made of natural chicken breasts and rawhide.

Review posted by Judi from Henderson:
"My two puppy Bichons can't get enough of these compressed rawhides and even though the chicken side of it doesn't last too long, the main bone lasts a real long time..."
Available in 6 sizes
1-18 Bones Packs

Price from: $1.99

Buy Chick'n Top Compressed Bone (6 Sizes; 1-18 Bones Packages)
Select Grille Natural Compressed Bone Select Grille Natural Compressed Bone

Numerous layers of natural cow hide joined together under strong pressure make extremely dense and durable bone. Set your choice on this particular compressed rawhide, if your glutton dog is vigorous about chews and tends to devour them in a record time. Pressed dog bone from Select Grille will be a hard nut even for your canine! All nutrients and flavor of raw hide are preserved, as no bleaches or additives are used during production.
Available in 5 sizes
1-4 Compressed Bones Packs

Price from: $2.99

Buy Select Grille Compressed Bone
Loving Pets Rawhide Bones, Pressed Loving Pets Pressed Rawhide Bones

The fact is that the market of quality compressed rawhide bones in USA have been steadily shrinking over the past couple of years. Many retailers go for cheap Chinese bones that oftentimes split and may represent choking hazard. But no "Nature's Choice" from Loving Pets! These hard long-lasting pressed rawhide bones for dogs are 100% natural and safe treats and additionally are always Tested in the USA.

Review posted by JJ2007:
"I feel good about giving my terrier a safe treat, and he just loves having an all-day chew. These compressed bones are very reasonably priced when you consider how long they last..."
Available in 5 sizes:
4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch,
10 inch, 12 inch

Regular price from: $0.99
Sale Price from: $0.54
You Save: 45%

Buy Loving Pets Rawhides, Presssed Bones
Dingo Compressed Bones Dingo Compressed Bones

Compressed bones for aggressive chewers made of highest quality rawhide and real chicken breast are the top selling compressed rawhide at the market today.

Review posted by Nancy from Clarksville:
"I gave these to my dogs once, and now they refuse any other treat..."
Available in 3 sizes
Flavor: White

From: $1.99

Buy Dingo Compressed Bones
Beefeaters Compressed Rawhide Bones (6 Inch; 10-Pack) Beefeaters Compressed Rawhide Bone

These compressed rawhide bones give your dog 100% of everything he needs and have definite benefits for your budget: all natural, safe, chewable, long lasting, effective, enjoyable, affordable therapy for dogs' teeth and gums. Due to outstanding durability, they are the best choice for aggressive chewers.
6" Length
10 Bones Assorted Pack
Chicken, Beef, Natural and
Peanut Butter Flavor

Price: $15.99

Buy Compressed Raw Hide Bones by Beefeaters (6'' Length; 10 Bones)
Loving Pets Natural Pressed Rawhide in the Shape of Chops (10-Chops) Loving Pets Natural Pressed Rawhides

Multiple layers of natural cowhide are pressed together to create a dense chew that outlasts by far regular rawhide bones and suits heavy chewers the best. Quality of Loving Pets brand guarantees that these pressed rawhides won't split and stain. Great for dog's dental health and jaws workout.
10 Pressed Chops Pack

Sale Price: $7.87

Buy Pressed Rawhide Pork Chops made by Loving Pets (10-Pack)

More Compressed Rawhide Bones and Chews

Rawhide Rolls
Natural Rawhide Retrievers by Beefeaters (10 Inch Long; 25-Rolls) Beefeaters Natural Rawhide Rolls

Many customers regularly purchasing these rolls describe the chews as rawhides that literally saved their house! Long sheet of pure natural free range beefhide is folded tightly to form multi-layered scrumptious roll. Highly approved by large-sized dogs.

Review posted by Nikki from IA:
"All the chews are roughly the same size (a problem I have found when buying bulk before), and dogs love them! They carry these around even when not chewing..."
25 Rawhide Retrievers
10'' Length

Price: $36.99

Buy Beefeaters Natural Rawhide Rolls (10'' Length; 25-Retrievers)
RedBarn Rawhide Rolls with Filling (6'' Length) RedBarn Rawhide Rolls with Filling

A big portion of delicious meaty chicken, lamb, beef or beanut butter filling is rolled inside a leaf of high quality rawhide. Long-lasting chewing pleasure guaranteed!

Review posted by Rich from PA:
"It is day 3 and my Beagle mix still has about 1/3 of this roll left. The outer roll isn't crunchy rawhide, it's more of a semi soft roll which turns to limplike paper when wet..."
1 Filled Roll
6" Length

Price: $2.49

Buy RedBarn Flavored Rawhide Rolls with Filling (6'' Length)
Beefeaters Chicken Tops Dog Treats, Rawhide Rolls (5'' Length; 10-Pack) Beefeaters Chicken Tops Rawhide Rolls

Finest rawhide from free range cattle is wrapped in real chicken breast. The outcome is mouthwatering treat that dogs go crazy for. Chewing these rolls help your dog improve dental health by scraping away plaque and massaging gums.

Review posted by Lisa from CA:
"Lately it's become a tradition for our dogs to have a chicken top roll every morning after breakfast. They seem to be especially partial to this treat..."
5" Length
10 Rolls Pack

Price: $10.49

Buy Beefeater Chicken Tops Rawhide Rolls (5 Inch Length; 10-Pack)
Loving Pets Natural Rawhide Rolls Loving Pets White Rawhide Rolls

100% natural white raw hide rolls from Nature's Choice line of dog chews made by Loving Pets, Inc. Heavyweight thick retriever rolls are available in the size of 4 and 10 inches. Give your dog one roll every couple of days for fresher breath and oral health.
Available in 2 sizes
1-2 Rolls Packs

Price from: $1.68

Buy Loving Pets Retriever Rawhide Rolls
Natural Retriever Rolls, Peanut Butter (10'' Length; 3-Pack) Peanut Butter Flavored Rawhide Retriever Roll

Peanut butter flavored rawhide rolls made from quality, non-toxic beef hide help reduce tartar and satisfy your dog's need to chew. Excellent product for larger breed eaters.
10" Length
3 Rawhides Pack

Sale Price: $7.49

Buy Peanut Butter Rawhide Retriever Roll (10'' Length; 3-Pack)

More Rawhide Rolls

Rawhide Chips
Beefeaters Natural Rawhide Chips (3''-5''; 2 lbs. Bag) Beefeaters Natural Rawhide Chips

For making this popular dog treat Beefeaters take natural cow hide, split it into outer and thick inner layers, clean and sterilize the latter, cut it into rectangular pieces and bake them in oven to preserve nutrients and keep freshness. Yummy chips are then packed in 2 lbs. resealable bag and ready to ship for your dog's delight!
3" X 5"
2 lbs. Bag

Price: $15.72

Buy Natural Rawhide Chips made by Beefeaters (3''-5'' in size; 2 lbs. Bag)
American Rawhide Dog Chips (2 lbs.) American Dog Rawhide Chips

Superior dog chews truly made in America without adding artificial flavors and preservatives. If your dog seems to possess endless amount of energy, give these rawhide chips a try. They will provide a great outlet for the extra energy; besides, they don't not stain carpets or dog's fur.
2 lbs. Pack
3" X 3"

Price: $15.99

Buy American Rawhide Chips Dog Chew (2 lbs. Pack; 3'' X 3'')
CET Rawhide Chips with Enzymes CET Rawhide Chips with Enzymes

Beefhide chips under C.E.T. brand from Virbac Animal Health, Inc. are a sort of unique at the market of rawhide chews, as they are made with addition of special enzymes (patented system) which annihilate bacteria forming plaque. Thus this tasteful treat provides really extensive dental care for dogs: chemical with help of enzymes and mechanical with rawhide abrasive cleaning. The rawhide chips are available in 4 different sizes depending on dog's weight.
Available in 4 sizes:
Petite, Medium, Large, X Large
15-30 Chips Bags

Sale from: $8.99

Buy CET Enzymatic Rawhide Chips for Dogs
Value Pack of Beefeaters Chunky Rawhide Chips (5 lbs) Large Rawhide Chips, Value Pack

Large rawhide chunks in rectangular shape are extra thick, so these chips are the best choice for large dogs that are aggressive biters. Gnawing this rawhide treat helps keeping dog's teeth strong and clean.

Review posted by Schnauzergirl from WA:
"These chips are really thick, giving my dogs something to sink their teeth into. We prefer them over the knotted bone-shaped rawhide because they don't fall apart..."
5" X 8"
Extra Thick Rawhide
5 lbs. Value Pack

Price: $38.95

Buy Large Rawhide Chunky Chips (5 lbs. Value Bag)

More Rawhide Chips

Rawhide Sticks
Twisted Sticks (5'' Length; 2.2 lbs. Pack) Twisted Sticks

Great value of high quality rawhide sticks!

Review posted by Jerry from El Paso, TX:
"Axle is a red heeler, and she just loves her chew sticks. When my wife and I are at home watching tv Axle sits between us and enjoys her chew sticks. I order 4 bags at a time. Thanks for the great price and product."
2.2 lbs. Pack
5" Length

Price: $7.79

Buy Twisted Sticks (5'' Length; 2.2 lbs. Pack)
Beefeaters Rawhide Sticks Dog Chews (Assorted, 5'' Length; 100-Pack) Beefeaters Assorted Rawhide Sticks

Assorted pack contains high quality extruded hide sticks naturally saturated with beef, chicken and lamb/rice flavors. Excellent product to avoid destructive chewing behaviour and direct your dog on the right kind of chew that is beneficial for health.

Review posted by Dayton the dog from NY:
"I love these sticks because they can be broken up into any size depending on the size of the dog or given whole for the bigger dogs..."
100 Sticks Pack
5" Length

Price: $8.49

Buy Rawhide Sticks, Beef, Chicken, Lamb/Rice (5'' Length; 100-Pack)
Bone Buddies Munchies Ground Rawhide Sticks Bone Buddies Munchies Ground Rawhide Sticks

Multi packs (40 or 100 sticks) of quality, ground rawhide pressed into long lasting sticks.

Review posted by GSD from Mariland:
"Excellent sticks. Highly recommended."
Available in 2 sizes
40-100 Sticks Packs

Sale Price from: $3.99

Buy Bone Buddies Munchies Ground Rawhide Sticks
Beefeaters Healthy Rawhide Stix (5'' Length; 50 Sticks) Beefeaters Healthy Rawhide Stix

These pressed rawhide sticks contain glucosamine and vitamin A for healthy cartilage and joints and strong bones. 5 types available: Senior, Skin & Coat, Anti-Stress, Dental and Vita Stix.

Review posted by Jessica from Idaho:
"I bought the vita-sticks for my goldens and they love them and its nice to know they are getting more vitamins! Not to mention they are priced affordable..."
Available in 5 types
50 Sticks Pack
5" Length

From: $9.84

Buy Beefeaters Healthy Rawhide Stix (5'' Length; 50 Sticks)

More Rawhide Sticks

Rawhide Twists
Beefeaters Rawhide Twists (5'' Length; 75-Pack) Rawhide Twists from Beefeaters, Economy Package

Healthy, natural rawhide twists made from US corn-fed cows are available in 8 delicious flavors: Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Mint, Hickory Smoked, Cheddar Bacon, Peanut Butter and White. 75 rawhide twists are sealed in the economy package.

Review posted by Chris from NH:
"My chihuahuas love these twists, they are just the right size and they keep their teeth clean and white..."
75 Twists Packs
Available in 8 Flavors
5" Length

Price from: $14.99

Buy Natural Rawhide Twists Beefeaters (5'' Length; 75-Package)
Loving Pets Natural Beefhide Twists (5'' Length; 100-Pack) Loving Pets Natural Rawhide Twists

Natural beef hide is processed without harmful chemicals and tightly twined into a twist. Chewing these treats not only gives enormous pleasure to dogs, but is healthy for their teeth and satisfies natural need to gnaw.

Review posted by WJH from San Juan:
"The amount of natural rawhide in these twists is large, and the price is great. All three of our dogs love to go to bed to nap or crash at night with a rawhide twist..."
100 Twists Pack
5" Length

Sale Price: $10.66

Buy Rawhide Twists for Dogs made by Loving Pets (5'' Length; 100-Pack)
Rawhide Twists for Dogs from Pork Skin (5'' Length; 75 Twists) Beefeaters Piggy Twists

Premium quality rawhide twists made from pig skin and basted with own rich pork flavor. They digest easier and are great for sensitive stomachs, yet offer durability of rawhide. Come in an economical package of 75 twists.

Review posted by GorgiGal from WA:
"We give one of these as a settling down treat in the evening. Same enthusiasm as for a pig ear, but less fatty..."
75 Twists Pack
5" Length

Price: $12.67

Buy Beefeaters Porkhide Skin Piggy Twists (5'' Length; 75 Chews)

More Rawhide Twists

Interactive Rawhide Toys
Dingo Goof Balls Dingo Goof Balls

3 in 1: chew, treat and toy! Completely edible balls with chicken jerky surprise inside wrapped in the highest quality natural rawhide. Ideal for interactive play.

Review posted by Candy from Fairborn:
"I feel this is the best product ever. I have a dog that is obsessed with balls; I've looked everywhere to find a treat in ball shape..."
Available in 2 sizes
2-4 Balls Packs

From: $2.15

Buy Dingo Goof Balls
Dingo Ringo (2.75'' Diameter; 3-Pack) Dingo Ringo

Fun rawhide shapes with great irresistible combination of real chicken breast jerky wrapped in the premium quality natural rawhide. Guarantees loads of enjoyment for small to medium sized dogs.

Review posted by Nancy from Cave Creek:
"My two Chihuahuas, Telulah Mae and Sophia Loren, both LOVE these treats and chew on them for hours..."
3 Chews Pack
2.75" Diameter

Sale Price: $3.49

Buy Dingo Ringo (2.75'' Diameter; 3-Pack)
Natural Rawhide Baseballs (3'' Diameter; 10-Pack) Rawhide Baseballs

There are 3 kinds of dogs: those that love balls, ones that adore balls, and those obsessed with balls. Whatever your four-legged friend's taste is, this toy will be the hit. And this is more than just a ball! It is made of natural rawhide and comes in a great baseball shape. Your dog will put this item at no. 1 in his wish-list!
3'' Diameter
10 Rawhide Balls Pack

Price: $9.90

Buy Rawhide Baseball Dog Treats (3'' Diameter; 10-Pack)

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