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Merrick Rawhide Treats

All Merrick rawhide treats are made in the USA from American USDA sourced ingredients. Merrick rawhide chews come smoked, natural, white or basted and do not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. With Merrick products you have comfort to know that you give your dog a healthy safe treat of superior quality.

Merrick Hungry Dog Variety Bag (2 lbs.) Merrick Hungry Dog 2 lbs. Variety Bag

This terrific value 2 lbs. bag is full of savoury treats every dog craves for: beef hide chews, flossies (curly bully sticks), Texas toothpicks (beef tails), snozzles (pig snouts), cow ears, beef jerky, etc. If you buy content of this variety bag separately, the package could easily cost over $30! All the chews are made from USDA-sourced ingredients and provide all dental and behaviour benefits that chewing offers dogs.
Approx. 8' 'x 4' 'x 2''
2 lbs. Bag

Sale Price: $12.49

Buy Merrick Hungry Dog Super Value Bag of Various Chews (2 lbs.)
Merrick Beef & Liver Rollos (8'' Length; 6-Pack) Merrick Beef & Liver Rollos

These classic Merrick rawhide treats are nowadays hard to find anywhere in the country. Hurry to buy before our stock is over too! The combination of beef and liver sausage wrapped in a strip of smoke flavored rawhide will make your dog especially partial to this treat. The product is also great for satisfying canine's urge to chew.
6 Rollos
8'' Length

Price: $12.00

Buy Merrick Beef & Liver Rollos (8'' Length; 6-Pack)
Merrick Cow Ears Dog Chews (50-Pack) Merrick Beef Ears

Once you buy a Merrick chew for your dog for the first time, you stay with the brand. The company has always had a reputation for very high quality items, and dogs are thrilled over the treats. If you were introduced to Merrick dog chews several years ago, you must remember those famous Merrick Beef Puffs, delicious dog treats made of rawhide connected to the ear. The product was discontinued, but its successor, Merrick Beef Ear, is made of pure natural cow ear and has the same puffy texture, does not stain and is very low in fat.
Approx. 8'' x 6.5''
50 Cow Ears Pack

Sale Price: $97.99

Buy Merrick Beef Ears (50-Pack)
Merrick Pig Snouts Natural Rawhide Chews (10-25-Packs) Merrick Snozzles Pig Snout

Merrick Snoozles dog treat is a healthy pork dog chew made of natural pig snout. Although it may look a bit strange for you to find the snouts lying around the house, dogs will make any trick to get the slowly roasted in own juice flaky chew. An average pig snout contains over 63% of crude protein and only 170 calories.
Approx. 4.5' 'x 3''
10-25 Pig Snouts Packs

From: $28.79

Buy Pig Snout Chew for Dogs (Made by Merrick; 10-25-Packs)
Merrick Wishbone Beef Tendon Dog Chew (6-8'' Length) Merrick Wishbone Natural Beef Tendon Treat

Natural dog chew made in USA of beef Achilles tendon. Like all other Merrick dog treats, these Wishbones do not contain preservatives, additives or artificial colors. Similar to rawhide, these treats are rich in protein (80%) and rather low in fat, but unlike pressed rawhide bones they do not split while dog is chewing on them and therefore leave no mess.
6''-8'' Length
1-50 Packs

Price from: $2.09

Buy Merrick Beef Achilles Tendon Wishbone Treat for Dogs (6-8'' Length)
Merrick Texas Toothpicks (6.5 oz. Bag) Merrick Beef Tails - Texas Toothpicks

Chewing these smoked beef tails provides massage of your dog's gums and helps scrape away plaque. The tails have a puffy texture that makes them an excellent chew for dogs of all ages.
6.5 oz. Bag
6.5'' Length

Regular price: $17.99
Sale Price: $14.49
You Save: 19%

Buy Merrick Beef Tails (6 oz. Bag)
Merrick Bully Sticks Merrick Bully Sticks

Merrick Bully Sticks are delicious long lasting dog chews made in USA from beef tendon without preservatives, additives or artificial colors. Just most popular and favorite dog's treat.
1-25 Sticks Packs
6''-12'' Length

From: $3.95

Buy Merrick Bully Sticks

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